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Rare Ranking TOP4 Qi Spa - Catasauqua Gift Card PA

Qi Spa - Catasauqua, PA Gift Card


Qi Spa - Catasauqua, PA Gift Card

Product description


Qi Spa, founded in 2011, is a small, privately owned day spa in Catasauqua, PA, that serves the Lehigh Valley and surrounding areas. With a well-respected reputation, our goal is to make sure that your experience here at the spa is a relaxed and rejuvenating one. We are not the type of spa that gets you in and rushes you out - a true Day Spa. We offer the highest quality of service to all our customers. Our experienced staff will lavish you every time you visit leaving you feeling rejuvenated and refreshed. Massage Body Wrap/Scrubs Skin Care/Microdermabrasion Nails Waxing/Threading Far Infrared Sauna Vitamin D Light Therapy Gentlemen's Services Ear Candling/Lymphatic Drainage Treatment Schedule your next appointment for relaxation and pampering with the staff at Qi Spa!

Qi Spa - Catasauqua, PA Gift Card

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