$118 LOKO Corner Storage Cabinet, Corner Hutch Cabinet with Shutter D Home Kitchen Home Décor Products wikicert.co.id,Storage,Hutch,LOKO,with,$118,Shutter,Cabinet,Corner,/agpaitic1178110.html,Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products,D,Cabinet,,Corner LOKO Corner Storage Cabinet Shutter D with Hutch ! Super beauty product restock quality top! LOKO Corner Storage Cabinet Shutter D with Hutch ! Super beauty product restock quality top! wikicert.co.id,Storage,Hutch,LOKO,with,$118,Shutter,Cabinet,Corner,/agpaitic1178110.html,Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products,D,Cabinet,,Corner $118 LOKO Corner Storage Cabinet, Corner Hutch Cabinet with Shutter D Home Kitchen Home Décor Products

LOKO Corner Storage Cabinet Shutter D with Challenge the lowest price of Japan Hutch Super beauty product restock quality top

LOKO Corner Storage Cabinet, Corner Hutch Cabinet with Shutter D


LOKO Corner Storage Cabinet, Corner Hutch Cabinet with Shutter D

Product description


What factors shall we consider when choosing a floor cabinet for the room? Whether it is compact or not that can stand right in the limited area, or whether it has enough storage space for the daily essentials or not? Well, this corner bathroom storage cabinet would be an optimal one among the various choices and bring you sufficient storage space for the scattered daily essentials. Waterproof surface makes this corner pantry cabinet easy to keep clean, ideal for bathroom and kitchen.

Compact design, taking little floor space
68 inches tall, greatly making full use of the vertical space
Waterproof surface, easy to keep clean
3 open shelves, easily getting frequently used items
Double shutter doors, keeping things inside dry
Adjustable shelf, make fully use of the limited space
Versatile corner cabinet, suitable for bathroom, living room, kitchen or dining room

Color: White/Espresso
Material: P2 MDF
Overall dimension: 23.5” x 17.5” x 68” (L x W x H)
Net weight: 48 lbs
Weight capacity of each shelf: 11 lbs
Package include: 1 x Corner storage cabinet

LOKO Corner Storage Cabinet, Corner Hutch Cabinet with Shutter D

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