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Popular shop is the lowest price challenge Oliver Stone mart Collection Natural Born Given Any Killers Sunday

Oliver Stone Collection (Natural Born Killers / Any Given Sunday


Oliver Stone Collection (Natural Born Killers / Any Given Sunday

Editorial Reviews

Natural Born Killers: The story of a husband and wife who are serial killers involved in a cross country killing spree that elevates them from fugitives into media celebrities.

Any Given Sunday: Life is a contact sport and football is life when three-time academy award-winning filmmaker Oliver Stone and a dynamic acting ensemble explore the fortunes of the Miami Sharks in Any Given Sunday. At the 50-year line of this gridiron cosmos is Al Pacino as Tony D'Amato, the embattled Sharks coach facing a full-on blitz of team strife plus a new, marketing-savvy sharks owner (Cameron Diaz) who's sure Tony is way too old school. An injured quarterback (Dennis Quaid), a flashy, bull-headed backup QB (Jamie Foxx), a slithery team doctor (James Woods) and a running back with an incentive-laden contract (LL Cool J) also provide some of the stories that zigzag like diagrams in a playbook. and throughout, there's the awesome spectacle of motion, sound and action orchestrated by Stone.

Alexander Revisited: Unrated version of Oliver Stone's incredible epic film, loaded with nearly 40 minutes of additional footage, that takes the film to a new level of realism and intensity. Restructured and expanded into two acts with one intermission, Oliver Stone's vision is delivered the way he originally conceived and intended.

Oliver Stone Collection (Natural Born Killers / Any Given Sunday

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