Barnyard Designs Popular brand in the world 2.5ft 30" Artificial Boxwood Topiary Tre Ball Designs,,Tre,2.5ft,/Leucifer1254979.html,Barnyard,Topiary,Boxwood,Artificial,Ball,Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products,$53,(30") $53 Barnyard Designs 2.5ft (30") Artificial Boxwood Topiary Ball Tre Home Kitchen Home Décor Products Designs,,Tre,2.5ft,/Leucifer1254979.html,Barnyard,Topiary,Boxwood,Artificial,Ball,Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products,$53,(30") Barnyard Designs Popular brand in the world 2.5ft 30" Artificial Boxwood Topiary Tre Ball $53 Barnyard Designs 2.5ft (30") Artificial Boxwood Topiary Ball Tre Home Kitchen Home Décor Products

Barnyard Designs Popular brand in the world 2.5ft 30

Barnyard Designs 2.5ft (30") Artificial Boxwood Topiary Ball Tre


Barnyard Designs 2.5ft (30") Artificial Boxwood Topiary Ball Tre

Product description

Item Package Quantity:2

Set of 2 Artificial Boxwood Topiary Ball Shrubs

Add greenery and a fresh look to your home decor with these faux topiary tree decorations. Real-looking fake plants with lush green leaves give these artificial trees a natural look. The tall topiary trees come potted in a small pot. You can enhance its style by setting it into a decorative farmhouse planter to give it a rustic look. Easy to maintain and no watering required, with a fresh look all-year-round, this artificial plant accent is perfect to use inside your home to decorate your entryway, or fireplace mantle in your living room. You can accessorize the tree with lights and ornaments during Christmas season, and use it as decoration on your patio or front porch near the entrance.

Note: Width of plant measured from tip of outstretched leaves. Leaf material is plastic. For indoor use only. Direct sunlight may cause color to fade.

Cleaning instructions: Use a damp cloth to wipe down.

Product Features

  • Measures: 11”W x 30”H
  • Pot Dimensions: 6.25"D x 5"H
  • Product Weight: 7.75lbs
  • Height of trunk up to the first greenery ball: About 17.75”
  • Diameter of Ball: 11".

Barnyard Designs 2.5ft (30") Artificial Boxwood Topiary Ball Tre

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