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WANT TO HAVE A Smooth, safe natural BIRTH?

Get 11 Mom-Tested Labor Pain Techniques to Keep You Confident
And On Top of EVERY Contraction!

What  do you need help with most  right now?

Prepare for a Natural Birth

Use the Natural Birth Playbook and the Safe, Easy Birth videos to stay confident and in control on baby's birthday

Handle Labor Pain

Stay natural from start to finish with these 11 Mom-Tested Pain Relief Techniques.  These practical tips help you work with baby for a safe, natural birth.

Have a Healthy Pregnancy

Use the Ultimate Pregnancy Checklist Pack to stay naturally healthy & Happy - and prepared for your baby's birthday!

You Don't Have to be "Lucky" to Have a Natural Birth - I'll Show You How!

Kristen Burgess, founder of NaturalBirthandBabyCare.com

Natural birth gives you a great start and a strong bond with your baby – in the safest way possible. Nature designed your body to give birth smoothly and safely. Your hormones (like oxytocin), your muscles, and even your body’s own pushing urge all work together.

Of course, to get safety and confidence with a good labor and delivery, you need to get through it naturally. Medications and procedures stop your body's hormones in their tracks (the synthetic ones in the IV lines don’t work the same way).

But even moms who know natural birth is best, and know nature designed their bodies for it, have questions:

  • How do I stay healthy and low risk?
  • How to I know I can handle giving birth?
  • What if it hurts?
  • What if I lose control?
  • Are there techniques that really work?
  • How can my partner be really involved (and really helpful)?
  • What do I do if deep down I'm scared of giving birth?

I know these questions well because I've had seven babies, and some variation of these comes up during every pregnancy! It's totally normal, and the best part is, you can answer these and prepare for a smooth labor and a healthy baby.

Just because childbirth is natural doesn't mean it's easy. We all know a mom who just waltzed into the delivery room and had a fabulous experience, no prep needed. But most of us want to get more information on natural childbirth (so you’re ready to handle anything on your baby's birthday).

NaturalBirthandBabyCare.com is here to help you – I've had seven babies of my own and counseled hundreds of moms preparing for labor and delivery.

Natural hospital birth, home birth, or birth center birth: I want to support you. Find vital information on staying low risk, so you make it to your baby's birthday feeling good – with a strong, healthy baby. Get details on your choices for prenatal care, so you can pick a care provider you feel comfortable talking to and who supports your birth plans.

Discover critical information on what really works to prepare you for natural childbirth (and some tips about what doesn’t), so you can go from start to finish on your baby’s birthday, naturally. I also provide info on how to make your baby’s earliest moments a powerful bonding time for both of you.

Featured Guides

Latest  Resources & Guides

BBL 164: The Real System Behind Childbirth
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