Helalife Smart Ranking TOP13 Watch for Smartwatches Round Touchscreen Women $34,Smart,Round,Women,,/Grandisonianism1224546.html,wikicert.co.id,Touchscreen,for,Helalife,Watch,Electronics , Wearable Technology,Smartwatches, Helalife Smart Ranking TOP13 Watch for Smartwatches Round Touchscreen Women $34 Helalife Smart Watch for Women, Round Touchscreen Smartwatches, Electronics Wearable Technology $34,Smart,Round,Women,,/Grandisonianism1224546.html,wikicert.co.id,Touchscreen,for,Helalife,Watch,Electronics , Wearable Technology,Smartwatches, $34 Helalife Smart Watch for Women, Round Touchscreen Smartwatches, Electronics Wearable Technology

Helalife Smart Ranking TOP13 Watch Special price for a limited time for Smartwatches Round Touchscreen Women

Helalife Smart Watch for Women, Round Touchscreen Smartwatches,


Helalife Smart Watch for Women, Round Touchscreen Smartwatches,

Product Description

smart watch for women, leather strap and stainless steel case

G10 smart watch for women

High quality materials amp; elaborate works, just for female.

smart watch for women

Unique Smart Watches with Custom Watch Faces

elaborate smart watch just for female

Metal strap amp; stainless steel case - Lovers Intelligent Watch

Lovers Watch - Metal strap amp; stainless steel case

Multifunctional Smart Watch Fitness Tracker for Women, Stay Active amp; Healthy

Fashion Intelligent Watch

1.09 Inch Round Full Touch Screen

  • Round full touch display with elegant watch face, brings the outstanding and more comfortable viewing experience.
  • The appearance is elegant and lightweight, but it is durable and scratch-resistant. The smart watch contains 5 dials, which can be selected from the application at any time, and the market custom dial on the mobile APP can also be selected.

  • This women smartwatch is IP68 waterproof, which means it can withstand sweat, water, and dust and will not enter under any circumstances.smart watch complies with the international IP68 waterproof standard. you can wear it all day,washing hands or raining without damaging the device. you can do your job without hesitation.

Pedometer Activity Tracker Monitoring

  • This is a multifunctional fitness trackers watches. It is very suitable for people who do various activities, from running to strength training to going to the gym.counting steps and calories burned.

Heart Rate Monitor Watch

  • Advanced sensor for accurate and effective heart rate monitoring, helping you better understand your health and making a reasonable adjustment to your lifestyle. (The data is for reference only and cannot be used as medical supplies)

Sleep Tracking Monitor

  • Automatic sleep tracking can monitor your sleep status (deep sleep, shallow sleep, awakening) and provide a comprehensive sleep quality analysis to help become healthier. You can view the summary of your status in the Q Watch APP.

View the current conditions for the day, along with tomorrow's forecasts. Set the accurate location to get a real-time display, it is very convenient for your travel. Open the watch to view and provide you with a real-time weather forecast.

After setting the details of the menstruation date in the app, the watch will remind you in advance to prepare for the next menstruation and ovulation, care more about yourself.

Smart Assistant Messages

  • SMS, and APP messages(DON'T SUPPORT MAKE CALL or REPLY), remote control of music and cameras, weather report, sedentary reminder, alarm clock, stopwatch, find phone, call rejection, brightness adjustment,and other functions to meet your daily needs.
  • Fitness watch accurate track your steps,Running , Walking, Hiking, Swing, Jump Rope, Exercise,You can read them real-time directly on the smart watch,which can help you better understand your sport and make reasonable adjustment on your fitness-style.
  • By connecting smart watches with smartphone,your information can be displayed on the smartwatches synchronously
  • Pedometer, Calories, Speed, Distance, you could check the current fitness and sports data on the watch and APP can let you understand your physical condition better and make you healthier.It can perfectly accompany you in daily life.

The measurement data and results are for reference only and are not used as a basis for diagnosis or treatment.

Helalife Smart Watch for Women, Round Touchscreen Smartwatches,

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