PRD-3AY0-240 Power Relay 240VAC SPST-NO-DM 25A Translated 63.3x63.75x57.9 PRD-3AY0-240 Power Relay 240VAC SPST-NO-DM 25A Translated 63.3x63.75x57.9 $88 PRD-3AY0-240, Power Relay 240VAC 25A SPST-NO-DM(63.3x63.75x57.9) Industrial Scientific Industrial Electrical,Relay,25A,Power,240VAC,$88,Industrial Scientific , Industrial Electrical,/Franklinian991178.html,SPST-NO-DM(63.3x63.75x57.9),PRD-3AY0-240,,Relay,25A,Power,240VAC,$88,Industrial Scientific , Industrial Electrical,/Franklinian991178.html,SPST-NO-DM(63.3x63.75x57.9),PRD-3AY0-240, $88 PRD-3AY0-240, Power Relay 240VAC 25A SPST-NO-DM(63.3x63.75x57.9) Industrial Scientific Industrial Electrical

PRD-3AY0-240 Power Relay 240VAC SPST-NO-DM 25A Free shipping anywhere in the nation Translated 63.3x63.75x57.9

PRD-3AY0-240, Power Relay 240VAC 25A SPST-NO-DM(63.3x63.75x57.9)


PRD-3AY0-240, Power Relay 240VAC 25A SPST-NO-DM(63.3x63.75x57.9)

Product description

EU RoHS: Compliant ECCN (US): EAR99 Part Status: Active HTS: 8536.49.00.75 Contact Arrangement: SPST-NO-DM Contact Form: 1 Form X AC Coil Voltage (V): 240 Coil Resistance (Ohm): 1.2K Insulation Resistance (MOhm): 100 Maximum Contact Resistance (mOhm): 75 Maximum Pick-Up Voltage: 204VAC Minimum Dropout Voltage: 24VAC Maximum AC Switching Voltage (V): 277 Maximum Switching Current (A): 25 Operate Time (ms): 40 Release Time (ms): 20 Mechanical Life (Operations): 500000 LED Indicator: No Push to Test Button: No Coil Suppression Diode: No Relay Construction: Non-Latching Mounting: Screw Mount Termination Style: Screw Terminal Minimum Operating Temperature (°C): -55 Maximum Operating Temperature (°C): 45 Package Type: Dust Cover Product Weight (g): 284 Product Length (mm): 63.3 Product Depth (mm): 63.75 Product Height (mm): 57.9

PRD-3AY0-240, Power Relay 240VAC 25A SPST-NO-DM(63.3x63.75x57.9)

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Friendly, affordable and safe, your student journey begins in Belfast, the vibrant capital city of Northern Ireland.

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Queen’s is recognised as one of the UK’s leading research intensive universities and has a global reputation for excellence.

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