$43 Wooden Cutting Board,Large End Grain Bamboo Cutting Board Block Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining $43 Wooden Cutting Board,Large End Grain Bamboo Cutting Board Block Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining Wooden Elegant Cutting Board Large Bamboo End Block Grain Board,Grain,wikicert.co.id,/Franklinian856478.html,$43,Block,Cutting,Board,Large,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,Cutting,Bamboo,End,Wooden Wooden Elegant Cutting Board Large Bamboo End Block Grain Board,Grain,wikicert.co.id,/Franklinian856478.html,$43,Block,Cutting,Board,Large,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,Cutting,Bamboo,End,Wooden

Wooden Elegant Cutting Board Large Bamboo End Special Campaign Block Grain

Wooden Cutting Board,Large End Grain Bamboo Cutting Board Block


Wooden Cutting Board,Large End Grain Bamboo Cutting Board Block

Product description


Product material: Bamboo

Size: 40 x 30 x 4cm / 15.75 x 11.81 x 1.57 inch (appr.)

Package List:

1 x Bamboo Cutting Board

Wooden Cutting Board,Large End Grain Bamboo Cutting Board Block

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