Air Conditioners CJC New color Electric Heaters Settings 3 Heat Portab Fan Conditioners,,Heat,Fan,Settings,Portab,CJC,Home Kitchen , Heating, Cooling Air Quality,/Franklinian747778.html,Air,Heaters,$539,3,Electric $539 Air Conditioners CJC Electric Heaters 3 Heat Settings Fan Portab Home Kitchen Heating, Cooling Air Quality Air Conditioners CJC New color Electric Heaters Settings 3 Heat Portab Fan Conditioners,,Heat,Fan,Settings,Portab,CJC,Home Kitchen , Heating, Cooling Air Quality,/Franklinian747778.html,Air,Heaters,$539,3,Electric $539 Air Conditioners CJC Electric Heaters 3 Heat Settings Fan Portab Home Kitchen Heating, Cooling Air Quality

Air Conditioners CJC SEAL limited product New color Electric Heaters Settings 3 Heat Portab Fan

Air Conditioners CJC Electric Heaters 3 Heat Settings Fan Portab


Air Conditioners CJC Electric Heaters 3 Heat Settings Fan Portab

Product description


Designed with a robust and hard-wearing construction to ensure adequate protection against accidental knocks and bumps industrial fan heater provides a convenient way in which to provide essential heat to a variety of spaces. Featuring a full metal shell that helps to protect against rust, this high quality fan heater will effectively heat your space in no time at all.

Easy to use this fan heater has an adjustable thermostatic control, which means the desired temperature can be achieved fast. With a safety feature that protects against over-heating and an insulated rack handle this fan heater ensures peace of mind.

Fan Heater Specifications:


Power: 3000W/5000W

Input: 220-380V, 50HZ

Product Weight: About 4000G/more than the4000G.

Control mode: Mechanical buttons.

Estimated heating area: 15-100 square meter

Use location: office, bedroom, living room,Industrial,Workshop,Garage

Fan Heater Features:

Stainless steel heating element

Adjustable thermostat control

Over-heat protection

Full metal shell to protect against rust

Insulated rack handle

Protection class IP44

Box Contents:

1 x Space Heater

1 x Instruction Manual

Air Conditioners CJC Electric Heaters 3 Heat Settings Fan Portab

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