Plastic,99191338,Finishing,Head,Industrial Scientific , Hydraulics, Pneumatics Plumbin,$85,Screws.,for,/Franklinian1371778.html,,Socket,Caplugs,Plug $85 Caplugs 99191338 Plastic Finishing Plug for Socket Head Screws. Industrial Scientific Hydraulics, Pneumatics Plumbin $85 Caplugs 99191338 Plastic Finishing Plug for Socket Head Screws. Industrial Scientific Hydraulics, Pneumatics Plumbin Caplugs 99191338 Safety and trust Plastic Finishing Plug Socket Screws. Head for Caplugs 99191338 Safety and trust Plastic Finishing Plug Socket Screws. Head for Plastic,99191338,Finishing,Head,Industrial Scientific , Hydraulics, Pneumatics Plumbin,$85,Screws.,for,/Franklinian1371778.html,,Socket,Caplugs,Plug

Caplugs 99191338 Safety and trust Plastic Finishing Plug Socket Save money Screws. Head for

Caplugs 99191338 Plastic Finishing Plug for Socket Head Screws.


Caplugs 99191338 Plastic Finishing Plug for Socket Head Screws.

Product description

Number of Items:1000

SH Series finishing plugs for socket head screws keep foreign matter out of screw head driving recess and counter bore. Ideal for sanitary equipment, screws that need periodic resetting, production and maintenance spray painting, and numerous other applications. Translucent polyethylene ensures visual identification of socket screws. : : B: 0.245, C: 0.88, SCREWSIZE: 1/2.

Caplugs 99191338 Plastic Finishing Plug for Socket Head Screws.

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Life at Queen's

Friendly, affordable and safe, your student journey begins in Belfast, the vibrant capital city of Northern Ireland.

Your new home

Awards and accreditations

Queen’s is recognised as one of the UK’s leading research intensive universities and has a global reputation for excellence.

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THE World University Rankings 2021

In the UK for research intensity

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