Wire,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,XIAOQIAO,$32,Rack,Forest,Hanging,Stand,Leaf,/Aeolia991192.html,Iron,Drinking,Wine,wikicert.co.id XIAOQIAO Iron Wire Forest Directly managed store Leaf Stand Drinking Wine Hanging Rack Wire,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,XIAOQIAO,$32,Rack,Forest,Hanging,Stand,Leaf,/Aeolia991192.html,Iron,Drinking,Wine,wikicert.co.id XIAOQIAO Iron Wire Forest Directly managed store Leaf Stand Drinking Wine Hanging Rack $32 XIAOQIAO Iron Wire Forest Leaf Wine Rack Stand Hanging Drinking Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining $32 XIAOQIAO Iron Wire Forest Leaf Wine Rack Stand Hanging Drinking Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining

XIAOQIAO Iron New color Wire Forest Directly managed store Leaf Stand Drinking Wine Hanging Rack

XIAOQIAO Iron Wire Forest Leaf Wine Rack Stand Hanging Drinking


XIAOQIAO Iron Wire Forest Leaf Wine Rack Stand Hanging Drinking

Product description


Size: 34*16*33cm
Packing includes: wine rack*1
High-quality materials, fashionable style, elegance, can hold 4 bottles and up to 4 cups (bottles and glasses are not included).
Suitable for families, bars, hotels and restaurants.

XIAOQIAO Iron Wire Forest Leaf Wine Rack Stand Hanging Drinking


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