Keyway Broaches Sets 6Pcs HSS Lathe Tools Metric 2021 model Industrial for,HSS,for,Industrial Scientific , Cutting Tools,Lathe,,6Pcs,Industrial,Broaches,Keyway,Sets,Tools,Metric,$69,/Aeolia764092.html Keyway Broaches Sets 6Pcs HSS Lathe Tools Metric 2021 model Industrial for,HSS,for,Industrial Scientific , Cutting Tools,Lathe,,6Pcs,Industrial,Broaches,Keyway,Sets,Tools,Metric,$69,/Aeolia764092.html $69 Keyway Broaches Sets 6Pcs HSS Metric Industrial Tools for Lathe, Industrial Scientific Cutting Tools $69 Keyway Broaches Sets 6Pcs HSS Metric Industrial Tools for Lathe, Industrial Scientific Cutting Tools

Keyway Broaches Shipping included Sets 6Pcs HSS Lathe Tools Metric 2021 model Industrial for

Keyway Broaches Sets 6Pcs HSS Metric Industrial Tools for Lathe,


Keyway Broaches Sets 6Pcs HSS Metric Industrial Tools for Lathe,

Product description

- 2 keyways amp; 3 collared bushings amp; 1 shim
- 2pcs Keyway size: A - 2mm, A - 3mm
- 6pcs Collared bushings: 6A, 8A, 10A and 1pcs shim
- Weight: 1kg

Product Includes:
2pcs * Keyway
3pcs * collared bushings
1pcs * Shims
1 * Wooden case

Keyway Broaches Sets 6Pcs HSS Metric Industrial Tools for Lathe,


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